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We have been serving the Proctorville and Chesapeake area communities for many years. We’re thankful to be an important part of this community and will continue our longstanding legacy of helping families honor their loved ones.



Hall Funeral Home

Hall Funeral Home has been family owned and operated for over 85 years. We offer Burial, On Site-Cremation, Monument, and Cemetery Services.

The funeral home was started by Ernest B. Hall Sr. in 1931 along with his wife Leona on Elizabeth Street in Proctorville. Then his son , Ernest B. Hall Jr. took over the family business in 1969. In 1971, Ernie Jr. married Clorinda Rood and then she received her Funeral Directors license in 1975 to help Ernie with the business.

Ernie and Clorinda purchased the land in Proctorville where the funeral home is today, on County Road 775, to build the new funeral home facility in 1999. Today their children, Ernest B. Hall III, Evan R. Hall, and Ericca Hall Workman now operate the funeral home on a daily basis.

Hall Funeral Home operates Ohio River Valley Crematory, the Tri-State's first on-site crematory. Hall Funeral Home and Crematory also operates Miller Memorial Gardens in Miller, Ohio. Ohio River Valley Monument Company was started in 2015 to even further help our families with memorialization.

In 2020, the Hall family purchased the Rome Pet Cemetery and Crematory to offer families assistance with the loss of a pet.

Hall Funeral Home is known for it's very caring staff and exceptional service that we offer to help any family that calls on us in a time of need.

Schneider-Hall Funeral Home

Schneider-Hall Funeral Home Original home of the Schneider family where things began in 1896. The building located to the rear of the home is where the casket interiors were made. This location was at the crossroads of Rankins Creek and State Route 243 in Getaway. It is the current home of Dick and Sharon Lang. This was the first location in Chesapeake and the funeral home was moved here approximately 1925. Today this building still stands and houses the Village of Chesapeake Village Hall and Chesapeake Police Departments. This building is located at Third Avenue and the Sixth Street Bridge. This was the result of a natural gas explosion in 1942 of the first location in Chesapeake. History has it as a natural gas pipeline was incorrectly connected on Second Avenue and fed unmetered natural gas into the building and an explosion destroyed the entire back of the building. These are more photos of the results of the natural gas explosion in 1942. This is the beginning of the current location. The building was constructed in 1936 for the Schneider family and began as a two story 24 foot by 24 foot structure with a basement. This building unfortunately went through the 1937 flood and water was as high as the door handles. This was the first addition to the current location in 1942. This addition was added as a result of the natural gas explosion in 1942. The addition on the left of the building was the original visitation and service room of the location. This is a photograph of the building around 1948 where the side porch was added to the building. This photograph was taken in the era 1950-1960 which slightly shows the depiction of the side porch being enclosed. This area is used as a business office today.

The funeral home began in 1896 at the crossroads of Rankins Creek and State Route 243 in Getaway. Mr. Schneider sold caskets out of his general store and the interiors for the caskets were made in a building located behind the home. The building still stands today located behind the home of Dick and Sharon Lang (former Schneider homeplace).

In 1927,the funeral home moved to it's first location in Chesapeake. The building is still standing at the foot of the Robert C. Byrd Bridge and houses the offices of The Village of Chesapeake.

Following the 1942 natural gas explosion, A new home was built on Big Branch Road in 1936 and suffered damage from the Flood of 1937. The original size of the home was 24 ft. x 24 ft. The original part of the home is used today as the front entryway and register book signing area.

A south addition was added on in 1943. If a funeral was held in the funeral home, the service was conducted in the addition on the left of the building. The room is currently used today as a third visitation room.

On the left of the building, a porch was added in between 1948 and 1960 along with the back addition. The porch is currently used as a business office as it was later enclosed.

The most current addition to the funeral home was completed in 1972 and is used as our chapel and can be converted into two visitation rooms.

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